APS Benefits Group Loyalty Rewards Program 

If you use one of the services offered by the APS Benefits Group (the Group), you are entitled to the advantages of our Loyalty Rewards Program.

What is the Loyalty Rewards Program? 

The Loyalty Rewards Program consists of two components. A Funeral Benefit Bonus Reward and Loyalty Rewards Discount Pricing.

Funeral Benefit Bonus Reward

If you do not have a funeral benefit* with the Group, we have a special offer for you. Normally, the cost of a funeral benefit is $3 per week ($156 per annum). For the first year of membership you will receive a $100 funeral benefit bonus reward discount on the cost of membership of the Group. This then entitles you to the bonuses a not-for-profit organisation such as the Group can provide. You also gain access to our loans service and easy access to our client services such as APS Financial Planning, APS Mortgage Broking, APS Tax & Accounting, APS Business Services, APS General Insurance Broking, APS Savings & Investments, APS Wills & Estates, APS Legal Services, APS Benevolent Foundation, APS Personal, Property, Car & Special Purpose Loans.

All of these services are then accessible to you at one location. 

Loyalty Rewards Discount Pricing

The APS Benefits Group of not-for-profit personal and financial services wants to reward you. As you already use any of our services, we want to offer you discount pricing on any other service you presently do not use. This is a Loyalty Reward and rewards you with discount pricing on using any other service the Group offer.

Examples of our Loyalty Rewards Discount Pricing: 

John currently is a mortgage broking client with the Group (he is not a member of the Group).

John can become a member of the Group for $56 (first year price). John is automatically entitled to a funeral benefit with the Group and can share in the bonuses the Group currently enjoy.

John can also use the other services offered by the Group at member pricing. Some examples of the Loyalty Rewards Discount Pricing are shown below: 

APS Benefits Group Service Non-member Price Loyalty Rewards Discount Price
Single Will
Wills for a Couple
Individual Tax Return
Preparation & Lodgement of BAS

Financial Plan
10% discount on any up-front costs for financial planning services
Accounting & Business Services
10% discount on any fees in accounting & business services
Legal Services
10% discount on any fees in legal services

The Loyalty Rewards Program offers the opportunity to share in the profits that membership of the Group provides and encourages you to use all of our not-for-profit services at reduced rates. 

What if I am already a member of the Group?

Fantastic. You already share in the profits the Group generate and can access all of the other services at our Loyalty Rewards Discount Price. 

Important Information

*Disclosure Information: Membership of the APS Benefits Group automatically entitles you to a funeral benefit issued by the APS Benefits Group. You should consider the Combined Product Disclosure Statement & Financial Services Guide (available from the APS Benefits Group or our web site on www.apsbenefitsgroup.com.au) before making a decision to become a member of the APS Benefits Group or buy any products offered by the APS Benefits Group. Financial services provided by the APS Benefits Group are provided under its AFSL No. 244115. Financial planning services are provided by APS Financial Planning Pty Ltd. APS Financial Planning Pty Ltd and its advisers are authorised representatives of Fortnum Private Wealth Pty Ltd - Financial Planning Services Australia. ABN 54 139 889 535. AFSL 357306. APS Savings Disclaimer: This is not a bank product, it is an unlisted APS Note. No independent assessment has been made about the risk to investors losing any of their principal investment. Applications for APS Notes can only be made on the Investment Application Form which accompanies the prospectus issued by APS Savings Ltd. Please read the prospectus carefully before deciding whether to make an investment. APS Will & Estates: Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation. The Funeral Benefit Bonus Reward is available until 31 December,2017. At this time, the cost will revert to the cost as stated in the Combined Financial Services Guide & Product Disclosure Statement. Prices quoted are indicative and do not take into account the scale and complexity of your personal situations. Prices are valid until the date shown on the bottom of the redemption voucher.

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